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Rockbourne Village Hall

Seating Layouts and Capacities

The following diagrams show the maximum numbers which can be seated in different configurations in the Main Hall, ranging from 86 Theatre Style down to 48 for Bridge evenings. These are also the maximum numbers permitted for the various configurations.  However, when planning your event please remember that people also need space to move around, and for serving from the kitchen hatch.

Space in the Store Room is available when the chairs and tables are in use and can be used as additional working space as a second servery or plating-up room.

Click on the plans to view or the links below the text to download an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file to your computer.

Layout 1:Seating Plan 1 Max 68 Places

Short top table, 2 long sprigs: 68 A good configuration for a formal dinner, such as for a wedding reception with speeches.

Download Seating Plan 1

Layout 2:Seating Plan 2 Max 66 Places

2 long tables: 66 A less formal arrangement than with sprigs.

Download Seating Plan 2

Layout 3:Seating Plan 3 Max 65 Places

Long top table, 4 short sprigs: 65
Also a good configuration for a formal event with speeches, perhaps the most attractive.

Download Seating Plan 3

Layout 4:Seating Plan 4 Max 72 Places

9 Separate tables:  72
This is the maximum number which can be safely and comfortably seated. However it leaves very limited space for movement between the tables.

Download Seating Plan 4

Layout 5:Seating Plan 5 Max 48 Places

12 Bridge tables: 48

Download Seating Plan 5

Layout 6:Seating Plan 6 Max 86 Places

Theatre style: 86

This is very much a maximum, leaving limited space at the front for a presenter, even less for a comfortable distance for film shows. The comfortable maximum is 78, omitting the front row.

Download Seating Plan 6

A further 24 can be seated in the Gallery at 3 tables, but if this is used as well as the main hall at maximum capacity it is very uncomfortable when guests arrive. The gallery is an ideal space to use for preliminary reception/drinks.