The Rockbourne Village Hall stained glass window
Rockbourne Village Hall



Wednesday 22nd January 2020 at 7.00 pm at Rockbourne Village Hall

Present:    Mr. D. Glasgow (in the chair), Mrs. A. Holmes, Mrs. J. Wood, Mr. J. Crome, Mrs. K. Bentall,  Mr. E. Olivier, Mr. A. Leeson, Mrs. L. Matthews and Mrs. L. Daly

Treasurer’s Report:  Mrs. Wood presented the accounts for the year. There was Excess Income over Expenditure of £1,130.37.    Hirings and lettings were slightly up on last year due to a new Yoga class. Total income was £14,212.60, and total expenditure £13,082.23. As at the end of the financial year there was a total of £16,175.91 in the bank accounts with creditors of £45.00 leaving a balance of £16,130.91 with Petty Cash of £100 and the new Events Account (RVH) of £100.  Generally utilities and maintenance costs have increased but this has been offset by extra hirings. Mr. Charles Morgan was thanked for acting as Examiner of the accounts.

Proposed the Accounts be adopted: Mr. J. Crome and seconded by Mrs. K. Bentall, carried unanimously.

Chairman’s Report:  The Treasurer was thanked for her work during the year and also Charles Morgan for scrutinising the accounts again. The income less expenses was almost exactly the same as in the previous year, although there was a slight increase in hiring income and a slight fall in the net income from events. As well as for private functions, the hall is regularly hired for Pilates, exercise classes and Yoga, plus conducting courses run by Rockbourne resident Professor Peter Stark. Although letting income is very steady, we have plenty of spare capacity, particularly at weekends.

Events laid on by the village hall committee provide an essential element of the income needed to run the hall. The monthly film and supper nights continue to dominate, attracting regulars from the surrounding area as well as from the village. Numbers were 17% down from the previous year, probably as a result of increasing competition from nearby village halls and other venues, but none compete with the supper afterwards which is consistently enjoyed by 80% of those who come to the films.   Other events last year were the Christmas Party enjoyed by 67 people, a Summer Sizzle for 60, with live music and barbecue, and a classical music concert by musicians taking part in Peter Stark’s conducting courses.

Over the last ten years Rockbourne has justly earned a wide reputation for hospitality, providing excellent food and wines as well as showing films. This period was no exception, with almost 500 meals provided on 11 occasions, and for this we are hugely indebted to a number of talented volunteer cooks who make it possible by agreeing to provide up to 60 or more meals at a sitting.

The Chairman concluded his report by thanking members of the excellent committee, who are also Trustees of the charity which owns the Hall. There is a broad range of talents on the committee, and each member makes an enormous contribution to the enjoyment of the many people who use the hall, and to the hall’s continuing good condition and financial health.

Election of Trustees: The Governing Deed requires the trustees who form the committee to stand down at each AGM. All trustees were willing to stand again and were unanimously re-elected.  An additional trustee, Mrs. L. Daly was proposed and elected.  The elected trustees with effect from 22nd January 2020 were therefore:

Mr. D. Glasgow                                              Mrs. A. Holmes

Mr. J. Crome                                                Mrs. L. Matthews

Mr. E. Olivier                                              Mrs. K. Bentall

Mrs. J. Wood                                                Mrs. L. Daly

Mr. A. Leeson


There being no other business the meeting concluded at 7:30 pm.